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The COVID-19 pandemic is having wide-ranging impacts on our everyday lives, including scheduled dental and other appointments. We all need to work together to prevent the spread of the virus. That’s why Star Dental is offering Teledentistry.

Teledentistry lets us safely share images and have conversations about your dental needs without an office visit. If an emergency dental visit is deemed necessary, we have taken the precautionary measures to ensure the safety of our staff and patients.

COVID-19 Dental options

Three ways to contact a Teledentist

  1. Click on the orange “message us” box in the top left corner
  2. Follow the Selfie-Text instructions further down this page
  3. Fill out the contact form on this page

Negative Pressure Room Information

In a negative pressure room, all of the air is getting sucked into a HEPA filter, which is a special filter that is designed to capture all of the bad stuff in that room. Whether it’s dust or contagions, whatever is in there, if a person coughs, or if a person is having a dental treatment that causes saliva to become like a fine spray, all of that “spray” air is getting sucked out so it does not blow out into the hallways. This is one of many efforts in our fight against Covid-19, our number one mission is to keep you and our staff healthy.

Send Text Selfies of Your Smile

Simply follow the instructions below

Technology has led to advancements in almost every field. Orthodontics is no exception. Thanks to the quality cameras available on today’s cell phones, Dr. Gary Moore can now offer you a free smile assessment with no obligation. By taking three selfies of your teeth and texting them to Dr. Moore’s office, you will be able to receive feedback from one of the top orthodontists in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


Smile and take a SELFIE with your teeth together.


Lean your head back and take a SELFIE of your top teeth.


Tip your head down and take a SELFIE of your bottom teeth.


Text your SELFIES to 719-203-7281  and Dr. Moore will text you back with your Smile Options and the Cost of Treatment!

The Smile Assessment is FREE with NO obligation. We do not share your submitted details with any third party.

*Please note that texts, emails and Facebook may not be 100% secure based on your carrier, phone type and e-mail service. By submitting these photographs, you consent to these types of communications.