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Star Dental

“I think the message is really basic; it’s safe to come back to the dentist,” – Dr. Gary Moore, owner, Star Dental Institute Inc./Together We Smile / SmileCe

Taking Extraordinary Steps to Protect Dental Patients

KRDO’s Afternoon News with Ted Robertson

April 29, 2020, KRDO News Radio

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Star Dental

Together We Smile Partners with Local Veterans

By Dean Miller

Nov 10, 2018, Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center

Star Dental

For a Glimpse into the Future of Routine Health Care, Post-Pandemic, Get Your Teeth Cleaned

By Stephanie Earls

May 16, 2020 Updated May 24, 2020, The Gazette

Star Dental

Star Dental Institute’s Dr. Gary Moore Is Taking Extraordinary Measures to Ensure Safety, Confidence, and Comfort

The KRDO Business Connection with Ted Robertson

KRDO News Radio, May 24, 2020,

Star Dental

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