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Same Day Dentures




Our affordable denture services are designed to eliminate the most worrisome concerns of our patients, including cost, time, and comfort. Our same day denture services include:

  • A full examination, x-rays and a consultation
  • Tooth extractions (extractions) done here
  • Full or partial denture creation the same day (in some cases)
  • Best warranty in Colorado: 2 years (base), 10 years (teeth)
  • In-house lab fabricates and insures top quality dentures and best fit in one day

Dr. Moore and the skilled doctors and assistants at Star Dental Institute offer a variety of same-day denture options, depending on your dental and budgetary needs. Full and partial sets of affordable dentures are available, and our experienced staff will work with you to find the best match for your individual needs.


Colorado Springs residents and dental patients across Southern Colorado no longer have to drive long distances or spend a great deal of time to get high-quality, affordable dentures.

To take advantage of our same day dentures in Colorado Springs, plan to dedicate at least a FULL DAY to your treatment, and is done by appointment only.

  • Premium dentures are the most natural looking option and are as resistant to impact, wear and tear, and stains as your original teeth. A wax tryin in your mouth lets us look at the dentures before they are finished. Our experienced staff will determine the size, shape and look of your teeth and match the denture to fit your smile.
  • Custom dentures also give us the option to set the tooth or teeth in a wax base so you can see how they’ll look before the dentures are completed. The teeth are not as natural looking as the Premium Denture, but the denture is a good alternative to the least expensive “Economy Denture”.
  • Economy dentures are the most affordable option and are also often used as a temporary set of dentures while healing after your teeth are removed.


For all your denture needs, our on-site laboratory uses controlled pressure-injected and heat curing to complete and deliver your dentures the same day (in most cases). Precise color matching ensures that your new dentures look natural in your mouth. In most cases, you can be out the door and enjoying a meal in just a few hours. Contact us at our Colorado Springs office today to schedule an appointment for affordable, same day dentures.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are same-day dentures comfortable immediately after placement?

Yes, same-day dentures provided by Star Dental Institute in Colorado Springs are designed to be comfortable from the moment they are placed, allowing patients to eat and speak with ease right away.

Q: What is the cost of same-day dentures compared to traditional dentures at Star Dental Institute in Colorado Springs?

The cost of same-day dentures may vary depending on individual needs. However, in general, they may offer a cost-effective solution compared to traditional dentures, as they eliminate the need for multiple appointments and temporary dentures.

Q: What are the post-placement care instructions for same-day dentures?

After receiving same-day dentures patients should follow specific care instructions provided by their dentist. These may include gentle cleaning techniques and avoiding hard or sticky foods during the initial healing period. Regular follow-up appointments will also be scheduled to monitor healing progress and make any necessary adjustments.

Q: How natural do same-day dentures look?

Same-day dentures are carefully crafted to resemble natural teeth, providing patients with a realistic and aesthetically pleasing smile.

Q: What long-term care is required for maintaining same-day dentures?

Proper oral hygiene practices, regular dental check-ups, and periodic denture adjustments are essential for maintaining the health and longevity of same-day dentures from Star Dental Institute in Colorado Springs.

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