Come in for a FREE digital denture scan today, walk out with a whiter smile tomorrow.

No need to leave your dentures, the scan only takes 20 minutes.

A FREE Denture Insurance Policy

Dentures are expensive and finding the right fit can be a process. Our free digital denture scan will automatically “backup” your set of dentures in case yours break or get lost. In the event that they are lost, we can print out a new set within 48 hours and even mail them to you if you are out of town.

Whiter Smile Same Fit

If your dentures already fit well but you would like to have a set for special occasions, then this low cost solution is for you. Come in for a free scan today, walk out with a whiter smile tomorrow.

A Low Cost Replacement

Is it time for you to replace your dentures? Whether your dentures already fit well or may need some adjustments, bring them in today for a free digital scan. Not only will we be able to replace your dentures, we can upgrade them at the same time for half of the cost.

Why should I get scanned?

Come in today for a FREE no obligation digital scan of your dentures. When you arrive at our office we will only need about 20 minutes of your time and don’t have any need for messy impressions. Once we have made an exact copy of your denture it is stored in our database, this means that if it is lost or stolen, we can replace it within 48 hours (We can even mail you a copy if you lose or break them on vacation!). In addition to having the ability to make a copy of your denture, we can make them whiter or adjust their fit as you feel necessary.

Extractions includes X-RAY
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Economy Denture
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Denture Implants
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