Colorado Springs Dental FAQs

All denture services rendered by Star Dental Institute in Colorado Springs include the highest quality acrylic base with your choice of quality standard teeth or upgraded customized teeth.

How Much Do Star Dental Institute, Inc. One Day Dentures Cost?

All denture services rendered by Star Dental Institute, Inc. Include the highest quality acrylic base with your choice of quality standard teeth or upgraded customized teeth.

Representative fee for single dentures – $419.00 – $992.00, full dentures – $799.00 – $1,984.00.

Initial exam, consultation, panographic diagnostic x-rays, partial dentures, and surgeries are offered at comparably affordable fees. More info in 1-day dental section.

How Long Will It Really Take For Me To Get My New Dentures?

  1. Denture patients are seen in the morning for impressions and x-rays, if required.
  2. Our on-site laboratory begins processing your new denture immediately and in most cases, your dentures are ready in the afternoon.
  3. If your personal or work schedule will not allow a complete day for our services, we will take impressions the morning of one day, and deliver your new dentures in the afternoon of a day of your choosing.

Can I Save Any Of My Own Teeth?

A full denture is only for our patients whose dental health has deteriorated beyond appropriate restoration technique and expense. A complete examination with panographic x-ray will precede your consultation. All options will be presented to you for your decision.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry is a specialized procedure to enhance the appearance of your teeth.

Who Is A Candidate For Cosmetic Dentistry?

  1. Patients as young as 20 years old may wish to correct chipped teeth, minor orthodontic problems, missing teeth, and discoloration.
  2. Older patients find cosmetic dentistry an ideal solution to aged teeth which have discolored, twisted, or have large metal restorations.

Is This What People Call “Caps?”

No! Caps are technically referred to as “crowns.” Crowns require a more drastic preparation of the tooth and are built on a metal base. They completely cover the tooth. Veneer restoration is strong porcelain that requires no metal base or extreme tooth preparation.

Does Cosmetic Dentistry Include “Whitening” My Teeth?

Absolutely! Whiter teeth are younger, healthier looking teeth. Sometimes this procedure is all that is required to achieve dramatic results. The technique does not involve wearing a tray at night – a slow process – a treatment or two with whitening technology in our office will give you amazing results. More info in cosmetic dentistry section.