How much do Clear aligners cost?

Each doctor sets their own fees but the cost to patients range from around $5,000 to $8,000 USD.  How do we do it- we make everything in house!!

Are Clear aligners covered by dental insurance?

It is completely dependent on your insurance company. As you know there is good insurance and bad insurance, as well as waiting periods also.  Many dental plans do include coverage for orthodontic appliances such as clear aligners. If you meet your insurance company’s eligibility requirements, they may cover a portion of the total treatment cost up to a lifetime maximum, which is typically between $1,000 to $3,000 USD.

Let us help you find out if your insurance company is “one of the good ones”.

Can I pay for Clear aligners with an FSA or HSA?

Yes. Funds from flex spending accounts and health savings accounts can be applied to orthodontic appliances like clear aligners, also ask about financing.

Do I have to pay for everything up front?

Not necessarily. We offer monthly payment plans to help fit your budget.

Is Medicaid Accepted?

We accept Medicaid and most other insurance companies

How often should I wear aligners?

As much as possible!  We prefer you take them out ONLY when eating, and brushing and flossing, and change the aligners every two to three weeks per step, wearing the aligners at least 22 hours per day.

How long does treatment take?

The clear aligners we offer are designed to help straighten the front teeth, and this varies from patient to patient. Treatment can take anywhere from a  6 months to 10 months, depending on the complexity of the case.

How visible are clear aligners?

Clear aligners are completely transparent, which makes them much more discreet than metal braces. People usually don’t notice them. They’re not magic, however—you can see them at close range if you know what to look for.

Will I need to wear a retainer after treatment?

To prevent relapse, we usually prescribe a retainer after any orthodontic treatment.

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5 Advantages of Clear Aligners over traditional braces

Crooked or misaligned teeth not only look unsightly, they can also make cleaning the teeth difficult.  Teeth that cannot be properly cleaned can eventually contract periodontal disease.  This risks gum and bone damage, as well as tooth loss.

Wearing teeth braces is a way to properly align the teeth.  However, conventional braces are less than attractive, decidedly uncomfortable,  and can be painful to wear.  Adults can be especially embarrassed to wear them. Clear braces are a great alternative.  Here are five reasons why one might wish to choose Clear Aligners over conventional metal braces:

#1. Appearance

Clear Aligners Look Better

Metal braces can cause the appearance of the mouth to be unattractive, as though it is filled with awkward chunks of unsightly metal.  They are noticeable, especially on an adult, and can get food caught in them without the wearer even being aware of it. Clear braces are barely noticeable.  They look very much as though the person wearing them is not wearing braces at all.  They are decidedly more attractive than metal braces.

#2. Comfort

Clear Braces Can Be Removed When Necessary

Star Dental specialist attaches metal braces to someone’s teeth, the braces must remain in place until they are professionally removed.  Clear braces are removable.  If, for any reason, the wearer of teeth aligners wishes to remove them for brief periods of time (to eat or drink), he or she may easily do so.

#3. Safety

Clear Braces Reduce Damage to Teeth and Gums

Conventional metal braces contain wire and protruding bits of metal that can puncture and scratch the insides of the mouth and gums.  Clear braces are smooth and comfortable. They do not include any sharp edges or protruding edges or bits. Conventional metal braces can affect de-mineralization and decaying teeth.  They use a great deal of force to straighten the teeth.  These problems do not exist with clear aligners.  Overall, clear braces reduce the damage normally caused by wearing braces, including gum disease and cavities.

#4. Duration of Treatment

Clear Braces Straighten Teeth Faster

Someone who wears metal braces might expect the treatment to take as long as 5 years.  Clear Aligners can take from only one year, to a year and a half to work its magic and straighten your teeth.

#5. Knowing What to Expect

There are No Surprises with Clear Braces

In considering Clear Aligners, dental patients undergo treatment planning that is fully computerized.  Therefore, they know exactly what to expect and how long they will need the braces before they begin wearing them.   Metal braces can be a trial-and-error situation that gives no clear idea of what is to come.

Overall, Clear Aligners offers distinct advantages over conventional metal braces. It costs slightly more, but in the end, is well worth the price.  They are more comfortable than metal braces, pose fewer risks to teeth and gums,  and provide beautiful smiles much faster.  Anyone considering Clear Aligners should book a consultation with a Star Dental Dentist community member clinic to determine if he or she is a good candidate to wear them.