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Sleep Appliance


Each person is distinctive, and not every sleep apnea sufferer responds to mouth appliance therapy in the same way. To address each patient uniquely, Star Dental Institute offers a variety of personalized dental appliances tailored to individual needs.

Functionality of Sleep Appliances

Sleep appliances are dental devices that realign the jaw during sleep. This repositioning exerts pressure on the soft tissues and muscles of the airway, helping to keep the patient's neck open while sleeping. These custom-fitted appliances are made of high-quality materials, easily adjustable, and allow patients to talk and drink while wearing them. When used, 91% of patients report improved sleep quality and longer sleep duration.

Revolutionizing Therapy: Herbst Advance Appliance

The Herbst Advance Appliance is a Medicare-approved therapeutic device for moderate to severe sleep apnea. Suitable for any patient, it provides movement, making it useful for individuals with bruxism. Sleep dentists recommend this appliance as it facilitates adjustments and ensures proper placement.

TAP into Better Sleep: The Thornton Adjustable Positioner

The Thornton Adjustable Positioner (TAP) is a mandibular advancement device that moves the jaw forward during sleep. Comprising an upper dental tray, a lower dental tray, and a connecting component, the TAP device advances the mouth, allowing air to flow freely. These appliances are easy to adjust for optimal comfort and efficacy.

ProSomnus EVO: Where Innovation Meets Comfort

ProSomnus EVO is the first oral appliance therapy device to treat obstructive sleep apnea using current materials, robotic manufacturing, and artificial intelligence. It is a safe, effective, easy-to-use device with no cumbersome components or ingredients. ProSomnus EVO is portable, long-lasting, and ergonomically developed for patient comfort.

Customizable Comfort: Elastic Mandibular Advancement

The EMA (Elastic Mandibular Advancement) oral appliance is one of the more pleasant and adaptable therapies for obstructive sleep apnea. This device keeps the airway open and allows easy breathing during sleep, especially for people with congestion. Patients can adjust their therapy to their unique demands thanks to the elastic tension straps' configurable and interchangeable sizes and forms.

SUAD by SomnoDent: Redefining Comfort and Jaw Positioning

SomnoDent offers a variety of appliances, including the SUAD device. This device repositions the jaw forward while keeping the airway open, allowing patients to change their jaw position for overall comfort. The SUAD features a unique design that allows for more tongue space, which is particularly advantageous for individuals with gag reflexes.

Discover personalized sleep solutions at Star Dental Institute and unlock a better night's sleep. Our range of high-quality, custom-fitted dental appliances is designed to address your unique needs. From the initial diagnosis of sleep-related issues to the ongoing monitoring and adjustments of your sleep appliances, we provide a seamless and thorough process to enhance your sleep quality.

Star Dental Institute places you at the center of your sleep journey. Experience improved sleep quality and longer durations of rest – because everyone deserves a good night's rest. Schedule your consultation today and start your journey to better sleep with Star Dental Institute.

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