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Star Dental provides high-quality dental services to improve your smile and oral health at Colorado Springs.

Images of Same day dentures in Colorado Springs, CO | Star Dental Institute
Same Day Dentures in Colorado Springs, CO

Restore your smile with same day dentures at Star Dental Institute in Colorado Springs, CO. Book now!

Images of Dental Implants in Colorado Springs, CO | Star Dental Institute
Dental Implants in Colorado Springs, CO

Get expert dental implants at Star Dental Institute in Colorado Springs, CO. Restore your smile today!


For urgent dental care in Colorado Springs, turn to Dr. Moore for prompt relief in emergencies. Trust our expert team for immediate results.


Revitalize your smile with expert cleanings in Colorado Springs for a healthier mouth, and schedule your dental appointment today.


Radiant beauty awaits with Botox in Colorado Springs for a refreshed appearance. Experience personalized care and the best results.


Get seamless smiles with dental bridges in Colorado Springs for strong, natural-looking teeth. Elevate your dental experience here.

Clear Aligners

Straighten your smile discreetly with clear aligners in Colorado Springs for perfectly aligned teeth. Discover your best smile today.

Consult & X-ray

Comprehensive care begins at Dr. Moore's with consultation and X-ray services in Colorado Springs for a precise diagnosis and treatment plan.

Crowns And Related

Receive royal treatment for your smile with crowns and related services in Colorado Springs at Dr. Moore's, and elevate your dental experience.

Colorado Springs Denture Care

Pristine smiles start here with expert denture care in Colorado Springs for comfort and confidence. Elevate your oral health here.

Denture FAQs

Get answers to denture FAQs in Colorado Springs, gaining clear insights for confident smiles. Explore solutions and make informed choices.

Dentures and Denture Extractions

Precision smile transformation with comfortable dentures and extractions in Colorado Springs.

Duplicate Denture

Back up your smile with duplicate dentures in Colorado Springs for peace of mind. Receive reliable, custom-fit replicas for confidence.

Extraction & Repairs

Experience seamless care at Dr. Moore's with expert extraction and repairs in Colorado Springs. Trust us for precise procedures and expertise.

General Dentistry

Experience complete care at Dr. Moore's with general dentistry in Colorado Springs for a healthy, radiant smile. Get personalized solutions.

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Star Dental Institute 3695 Star Ranch Road Colorado Springs, CO 80906 Call Now: (719) 597-7979

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